Authors: Juan Pablo Ek-Huchim, Flor Árcega-Cabrera, Ana Luisa May-Tec, Monica Améndola-Pimenta, Víctor Ceja-Moreno & Rossanna Rodríguez-Canul
In this study, the genotoxic effect of contaminants was assessed through detection of DNA damage using the micronucleus (MNs) test in erythrocytes from 149 flounder fish collected in two regions of the Gulf of Mexico (GoM). The frequency of microcytes (MCs) was also evaluated in the same group of fish collected from the Perdido Foldbelt (PF) and the Yucatan Platform (YP). The MCs frequency was different among locations of the YP (p = 0.011), while MNs frequency varied among locations of PF (p = 0.024). MCs and MNs values correlated with heavy metals from fish muscle, fish species and localities. Mean number, prevalence, and intensity of MCs and MNs correlated with Al, PAHs, depth, and locality. MNs frequency showed a species-specific association (p = 0.004). MNs and MCs were associated with heavy metals and PAHs from fish muscle and sediments, and the MNs frequency was species dependent.
Keywords: Micronuclei, Flounder, Perdido Foldbelt, Yucatan Platform, Gulf of Mexico