Authors: Lilia C. Soler-Jiménez, Ma. Leopoldina Aguirre-Macedo, Ma. Eugenia Vega-Cendejas, Jhonny G. García-Teh, Cecilia E. Enríquez-Ortiz and Víctor M. Vidal-Martínez.



We present a preliminary taxonomic survey of the metazoan parasites from meso- and bathypelagic fish hosts from the Perdido region, western Gulf of Mexico. In total, 187 individual fish were collected, belonging to five families and 12 species: Cyclothone acclinidens, Cyclothone alba, Cyclothone braueri, Cyclothone pallida, Cyclothone pseudopallida, Cyclothone sp., Manducus maderensis (Gonostomatidae), Notolychnus valdiviae (Myctophidae), Dibranchus atlanticus (Ogcocephalidae), Peristedion greyae (Peristediidae), Sternoptyx pseudobscura (Sternoptychidae), and Chauliodus sloani (Stomiidae). The metazoan parasites collected were the digenean Lethadena profunda from Cyclothone sp., four tetraphillidean larval cestodes from C. acclinidens, Cyclothone sp., C. sloani and P. greyae, a species of Echeneibotrium from D. atlanticus, a species of Anisakis from C. sloani, and the nematode Mooleptus rabuka from C. alba. Four of the parasite species found had already been previously recorded for the northern Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, we report two parasites not recorded before for meso- or bathypelagic fish in the entire Gulf of Mexico: M. rabuka from C. alba and Cyclothone sp.; and the copepods of the family Pennellidae from Cyclothone sp. and P. greyae.

Keywords: Deep-sea fish, Gulf of Mexico, metazoan parasites, Perdido region