Authors: Juan F. Martínez-Osuna, Francisco J. Ocampo-Torres, Lucía Gutiérrez-Loza, Ernesto Valenzuela, Angel Castro, Rodrigo Alcaraz, Carlos Rodríguez, Luis R.Ulloa

This paper presents a data acquisition and telemetry system designed and built to monitor oceanographic and meteorological parameters. A voltage regulator and readout module was designed for the reading of data from a set of dedicated commercial sensors and to continuously monitor the voltage level of the power supply. In order to monitor the measured parameters and the status of the buoy remotely, a data string was transmitted every hour using an Iridium satellite transceiver. The described system was implemented and tested in four coastal oceanographic buoys that were deployed and operated in remote sites in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) for several months in 2016. The data recorded by the buoys is used to describe the oceanographic and meteorological conditions at each site. The system proved to be reliable for long-term monitoring at offshore sites, requiring only minor corrective maintenance during their operation in the field.

Keywords: Buoys, Data acquisition system, Meteorological sensors, Monitoring, Telemetry, Oceanographic sensors