Authors: Mayra A. Cañizares-Martínez, Mercedes Quintanilla-Mena, Marcela Del-Río-García, Isajav Rivas-Reyes, María V. Patiño-Suárez, Victor M. Vidal-Martínez, M. Leopoldina Aguirre-Macedo & Carlos A. Puch-Hau


In this study, we report molecular and metabolic responses of Sciaenops ocellatus during an acute oil exposure bioassay (100, 800 and 8000 mg 1–1 of crude oil). The global DNA methylation and expression profiles of key genes of the xenobiotic biotransformation system (cytochrome P450 1A [cyp1a] and glutathione S-tranferase [gst]), oxidative stress system (glutathione peroxidase [gpx], catalase [cat], aldehyde dehydrogenase [aldh]) and reproductive system (vitellogenin [vtg]) were evaluated. At the metabolic level, we evaluated the concentration of four polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) metabolites -hydroxybenzo[a]pyrene, hydroxypyrene, hydroxynaphthalene and hydroxyphenanthrene- in fish bile. The results of this study revealed that fish exposed to crude oil exhibited hypomethylation of DNA, up-regulation of cyp1a and gst and down-regulation of gpx, cat, aldh and vtg and high concentrations of PAH metabolites with respect to the control.

Keywords: Red drum, Hydrocarbon, PAH metabolites, DNA methylation, Gene expression